Retro dazzle camouflage confounds the eye, playfully blurring the certainties of beginnings and ends, spaces and dimensions.
Floor Standing Lamp
The Bidri Collection
The Monolith combines dazzle camouflage patterns with mid-century graphic and perpendicular art, creating a delightful uncertainty of spatial dimensions. The elongated multi-cuboid construction is patterned over by handcrafted parallel lines in Bidri. The variations in line gaps and thicknesses, along with the use of negative space — all come together to distort perception and reveal the secrets of the Standing Lamp only as you walk around it.
M. A. Rauf and Team, Bidar, India

“इतनी सारी सीधी और लम्बी लाइन्स, और वह भी बहुत करीब — जिसकी वजह से आँखों में उलझन पैदा होती थीI इसलिए एनग्रेविंग और इनलेइंग रोक-रोक के करना पड़ता था ताकि लाइन्स पे फोकस बना रहेI”

“The lines being long, straight and very close together created optical illusions and posed challenges with our eyesight. We had to take frequent breaks during inlaying and engraving, to regain focus on the lines.”

M. A. Rauf,
Head Craftsperson, Bidar, India
MATERIAL: Bidri metal, Silver, Mild Steel
DIMENSIONS: L40.5 x B34 x H209 cm

WEIGHT: 170kg

Discover our first collection, in which diverse designers from across the globe have applied their breakaway approaches to the ancient craft of Bidri