Nolwa makes uncommonand unexpected objects ofutility and artistry

Discover our first collection, in which contemporary designers from across the globe have reimagined the ancient craft of Bidri in their unique styles.
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The Craft

Traditional Practices
Nolwa is intrigued and excited by the age-old crafts of India and the world that have withstood the test of time. We recognise that these crafts hold the possibility of a new voice, within the context of contemporary sensibilities.
It is our aim to spark dynamic interactions between craft and design – those that challenge the vocabulary and assumptions of each and prompt unexpected discoveries and expressions.
For our first collection, we have worked with Bidri, an ancient craft of Karnataka that carries the legacy of 600-year-old practices.
The processes of Bidri broadly involve casting, engraving, inlaying and oxidizing metal to create intricate motifs and geometric patterns.

The Design

Contemporary Perspectives
Design is pivotal to Nolwa’s creative and production processes. Our design ethos goes beyond visual appeal, embracing innovation, technology, and contemporary relevance to create products that push the boundaries of form and function and create a lasting sense of intrigue and discovery.
We work with diverse and unique designers from across the globe whose breakaway approaches help us realise our aim of creating uncommon and unexpected products of utility and artistry.

Meet our global designers and get to know their distinctive approaches.