Countless golden sparks, embedded in organic contours, creating a luminous aura.
Horizon Lamp
Horizon Lamp
Wall Mounted Lamp
The Bidri Collection
The central idea for the Horizon Lamp was to use Bidri inlay on a contemporary form, in a way that the craft becomes an integral part of the lighting functionality of the product. The organic concave surface that forms the foundation for the design was hatched with reflective brass-wire inlay, helping enhance the soft glow emitted by the light source.
M. A. Rauf and Team, Bidar, India
Horizon Lamp

“यह चीज़ इतनी बड़ी होने के कारण — इसमें कास्टिंग से लेकर एनग्रेविंग और फिनिशिंग तक बहुत मुश्किल हुआ। मगर आखिर में — एक लाजवाब और खूबसूरत पीेस बनाI”

“Creating this big, detailed piece was tough — from casting to engraving and finishing. But the result? A one-of-its-kind beautiful masterpiece.”

M. A. Rauf,
Head Craftsperson, Bidar, India
Horizon Lamp
MATERIAL: Bidri Metal, Brass, Aluminium
DIMENSIONS: H40 x L168 x D11 cm
WEIGHT: 60kg

Discover our first collection, in which diverse designers from across the globe have applied their breakaway approaches to the ancient craft of Bidri