Tranquil waters stirred, with silver ripples moving across a splash of black metal.
Drop Table
Drop Table
Coffee Table
The Bidri Collection
The Drop Table’s parabolic base and Bidri inlaid pattern together represent a splash and ripples; those transient aqua features that appear on the surface of tranquil waters when a raindrop falls on it. The form-active structure that supports the glass tabletop has been created with minimal metalwork, giving the product a crisp, minimalistic silhouette.
M. A. Rauf and Team, Bidar, India
Drop Table
Drop Table
“The table seeks to capture a sense of lightness and motion, within its simple and delicate form.”
Gunnar Rönsch & Stephen K Molloy,
Co-Founders, Fundamental Berlin, Germany
Drop Table
MATERIAL: Bidri Metal, Silver, Glass
DIMENSIONS: Dia120 x H46.5 cm
WEIGHT: 35kg

Discover our first collection, in which diverse designers from across the globe have applied their breakaway approaches to the ancient craft of Bidri