Arielle Assouline Lichten

New York, USA

Arielle is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of materiality, ephemerality, and the pursuit of form. She is a designer who elevates overlooked source materials to create minimalist designs which expose the tension between the natural world and manmade processes. Arielle holds a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Critical Theory and Visual Media from New York University. She is passionate about design as a way of transforming the human experience of the world.


A close look at the two different line weights for the brass inlay-work of the Mirror.

A detail of the brass-inlaid strip that brings the mirror and the Bidri work together in the Mirror.

The Mirror being immersed for patination after polishing — the final step in the Bidri process.


“I was interested in creating a contemporary piece that engages as a work of art and beauty, even while it serves the functional aspect of a mirror.”


“As a designer, what excites me is merging textures and in this piece I wanted to juxtapose the sleekness of the glass with uneven surfaces. However, the final effect was only possible after I learned about the casting process. After several iterations, I was able to create varying textures on the zinc by using different types of sand.”

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