Ammar Kalo

Sharjah, UAE

Ammar is a designer, researcher, and educator based in the UAE. His work essentially expresses the dialogue between materiality and form, through a heightened attention to detailing. Ammar has received multiple international and local awards, including the Emerging Designer award from Harper's Bazaar Interiors. In 2016, the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York added two of Ammar’s works to its permanent collection, establishing him as one of the few UAE designers featured in a globally-acclaimed museum.


A close-up of the Suspended Lamp reveals both its distinctive form and the lustrous details of the inlay-work.

The concept development phase of the Suspended Lamp.

A 1:1 print of the inlay design being put on the cast form of the Suspended Lamp for validation.

Meticulously engraved channels for inlay-work, created with the help of a stylus and a hammer.


“I wanted the lighting piece to tell a visual story that unfolds as one interacts with it and with its intricate detailing.”


“This product underwent many rounds of iterations, changes, and redesigns before landing on the final form. With the goal being to design a lamp that played with organic geometry and inlay to reflect light in a unique way, the most challenging aspect of the design was nailing down the shape and proportions, in addition to making sure that the inlaid surface reflects the hidden light source as intended.”

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